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Please note our Product Range 2014-2016 (worktops & accessories) and POS material (brochures, sample chains, sample boxes, Retail worktop boxes etc.) are available from our UK Depot.

Our brochures 2014 – 2016 have slightly been adjusted, our revised brochures are downloadable from our website

NEWLY revised product offer PP-edged GetaLit worktops available as from September 2015.

Westag & Getalit UK Sales office moved from London Watford to Manchester Levenshulme, now being at the same location as the warehouse enabling us to improve service levels. 

Westag UK certainly is following the same three fundamental objectives as Westag’s general philosophy: First of all, we supply our customers from our stock range of products – even just one item, if need be, from our UK stock holding depot. Secondly, we deliver on time with a delivery quota exceeding 99 % and, thirdly, we draw the added value to be achieved from our factory locations in Germany.

The fundamentals for the successful implementation of this strategy are modern technology as well as the creativity of our staff during production planning and realisation. All Westag brands and products are offered via our UK Sales office. The products specifically designed for the needs of the UK market are presented by the brochures downloadable from the button Media centre  under the UK Sales office button. The CutDesign software programme is downloadable from the button Tools under the UK Sales office button.


Retrospective view on ZOW 2016

NEWLY revised product offer PP-edged GetaLit worktops available




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