Our range for GetaLit®  high-pressure laminates (HPL) consists of hundreds of attractive decors with several surface textures including a high gloss surface which has set an industry standard. For ten years already, we are a pioneer in HPL Digital Printing and fulfill exceptional decor requests. Using GetaLit® in combination with supporting materials, we produce components like kitchen worktops and window sills. Our vast product range, sophisticated logistics leading to a delivery quota of more than 99% in combination with extremely short delivery periods are decisive customer advantages. In our highly modern cut-and-edge centre, we can produce customized products to suit individual kitchen planning purposes.

The successful product line of GetaCore® Solid Surface materials was launched in the year 2000. In addition to the 10 mm standard thickness we alternatively offer to our customers 3 mm thick material which can be very easily processed and which has economic advantages. Sixty standard decors and the joint-free insertion of basins makes GetaCore® the ideal material for bathrooms, kitchens and other interior applications.

With our up-to-date GetaStyle® glass wallback panels we offer an extensive scope for modern kitchen design. Be inspired by our vast range of images and colours or implement your own glass image theme. Every single glass wallback panel is produced customer-specifically – including drillings for sockets, angular cuts for angled edges, etc. upon your request. 

Betoplan can be used without restriction for all smooth, jointless concrete surfaces subject to high requirements. Use of this panel yields mat, particularly flat concrete surfaces with multiple uses on building sites and in precast concrete works. Load bearing both length- and crosswise.

Magnoplan is a cost-efficient alternative due to multiple reuses. The edges are sealed all around. Mat concrete surfaces at a normal to medium number of reuses. Load bearing both length- and crosswise.

Mobilplex is a weatherproof bonded plywood sheet made of hardwood veneers with a brown or grey film face. It is used as non-slip floor panel in all types of vehicles subject to medium load and as stage and platform floor.

Decoplex Structal is a flame-retardant plywood from hardwood with a special facing on both sides. The Decoplex B1/GF version can be painted and bonded. This panel system stands out as a stage and grandstand floor. Particularly for mobile, space-saving stages, the panels have to be flexible, robust and easy to clean.